Geelong permanent hair removal FAQs

What areas do you service?

We are based in Geelong, but clients come from everywhere across Victoria to experience our state-of-the-art, high-speed diode laser technology and dedicated hair removal services. We have clients from Apollo Bay, Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Birregurra, Colac, Hamilton, Lorne, Melbourne, Merrijig, Port Fairy, Warrnambool and many other towns across Victoria.

How old do you have to be to have permanent hair removal?

As a general rule, we recommend 18 years of age and above. This is because permanent hair removal works best once all your hair follicles have fully developed. Hair follicle development occurs during puberty and thus it is usually best to wait until adulthood to have permanent hair removal.

However, in cases when someone younger than 18 is suffering self-esteem issues due to dark or unwanted hair growth on the face or body, we will consider them for hair removal with the consent of a parent or guardian. Our team is very understanding and discreet, we are dedicated to eliminating unwanted hair for all people.

I have really sensitive skin – is laser or electrolysis hair removal OK for me?

If you have sensitive skin then traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving are likely to cause you irritation on a regular basis. Permanent hair removal is actually a terrific option for those with sensitive skin, as once the hair is gone for good you don’t have to worry about removing the top layer of skin with waxing or the dreaded shaver’s rash.

Our laser hair removal process includes a special contact-cooling handpiece to protect and cool skin before, during and after each laser pulse. This makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. A simple consultation will determine whether laser hair removal or electrolysis is the best course of action for your skin and hair type.

Do you do men’s hair removal?

Absolutely! We do permanent hair removal for men, including laser and electrolysis. As with all our patients, we will consult you for the best course of action to help you enjoy hair-free confidence.

We do hair removal for everyone – men, women, gender changed, mothers, sports people, teachers, bankers, medical staff, lawyers – everyone! The procedure is even safe for clients with medical conditions such as diabetes, those undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), and those with implants (i.e. breast implants).

Do you do IPL hair removal?

We do not provide Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal. IPL and laser are sometimes confused, and while they both use light technology, they are very different treatments. Unlike IPL, laser is extremely specific and concentrated, achieving a better result with fewer treatments. In comparison with our other method – electrolysis – IPL is not classified as permanent, whereas electrolysis is the only classified permanent hair removal treatment with no chance of the hair growing back from treated hair follicles.

Why do I need to have multiple treatments?

Hair removal works best when hairs are in an early growth stage, but all hairs in any one area at any given time are never in this stage simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to have multiple treatments in order to catch all hairs in their early growth stage.

Please contact us to book a consultation or ask further questions. Our aim is to put you at ease and feel comfortable to ask us anything about our treatments.