Permanent hair removal Geelong testimonials

Laser hair removal and electrolysis is suitable for men and women from the age of 18 upwards. It is not a fad, but a science that works remarkably well. See what just a few of our happy clients have to say about our hair removal treatments:

  • My mother suggested that I should take a test patch, talk about the procedure and, if necessary, how to assist with the pain level. As a fella I would have no problems recommending Geelong Hair Removal. The premises are very discreet and private. The explanations about the science of the lasers and the time frame required for success are the answers I needed to satisfy my male logic.

    Chad, 35 years
  • After years of tweezing the forest on my face, I now have a smooth, hairless chin and throat. It took time but I was requested to be patient and hang in for 12 months before pulling the plug and Maggie’s timing was spot on. My treatment was a mix of laser and electrolysis. I am now on my way to having hair-free underarms.

    Chris, 58 years
  • My daughter’s self-confidence was shattered when dark hairs appeared of her face when she reached puberty. Our family GP recommended Geelong Hair Removal. The mix of gentleness, understanding and explanation of the procedures gave my daughter the trust she needed that all would be OK.

    Marina, 48 years
  • I was sceptical at first with laser, but after only two treatments I am coming to understand the explanation that Maggie has given me. Here is a lady with no spin. As she likes to say “it is not magic but pure science”. I would suggest have a go and have a test spot (for the sceptics).

    Hannah, 28 years
  • For the first that I can remember, my legs have been smooth and hair-free since my first laser treatment eight weeks ago. The best part is no more ingrown hairs and nasty infections.

    Gay, 50 years
  • I should have done this years ago, but I thought myself last on the family needs as I thought laser would cost a fortune. Comparing the cost of temporary methods and eventual reduction to permanent reduction, laser is very cost efficient.

    Julia, 40 years